I will be true to the historic value of Clinton. We are a community committed to working together and treating each other as equals. I am committed to honoring the oath to the Constitution and calling upon the God that blessed us with it in order to govern as instructed therein. It is my role to see that the integrity of this blessed nation is strong in Clinton, MS. I welcome all to hold me accountable to this great responsibility.


I will respect all that I am elected to serve all in the community, especially those that seek to work within Clinton, to better our community together. While there will be times of debate and disagreements, I will remain true to my role as the people’s representative and respect all input and discussion that is offered by the people in an orderly manner. I value the talents and abilities of those that live within Clinton and will seek to utilize their services first in our community when possible. I will respect the needs of all citizens and sectors of our community equally.


The future of Clinton is as amazing as its history. I envision a Clinton where we will be more united than ever; the American Idea will be alive and well. Our City will be welcoming to all who responsibly seek a place to be safe, independent, access to excellent education, and create a thriving business environment. We will be the desired location for those of all ages from college students to senior citizens. We will have a great balance of government, non-profit, and private sector activity to thrive as an enlightened, active and prosperous community for all who choose Clinton to call home.

I will work in concert with the Board of Aldermen to see that safety (Police and Fire) and infrastructure (water, sewer, roads, and technology) across the entire community are never compromised and are always supported to allow us to focus more attention on our collective pursuit of happiness in our community.

Our excellent Police and Fire departments will continue as is. 

Public works will have the support needed to avoid any future issues from lack of planned expansion and funding for planned maintenance.

Main Street and the Chamber will serve as the heart of commerce and entertainment across all commercial areas of Our City.

All neighborhoods will feel represented and valued. “It’s Our City” will ring true all across town!