About Greg

As a 4th Generation Clinton Citizen, intending to be your next Mayor, my first priority is the safety of everyone who lives in and visits Clinton – physical safety, safety of property, safety of our children, and a feeling of safety when living and working here. 

My next priority is to ensure that the infrastructure we rely on is well maintained, safe, meeting your needs as intended and upgraded to keep Clinton beautiful and functional for many decades to come. 

With safety and infrastructure in place, it’s time to celebrate the people of Clinton. I am committed to creating the highest quality of life for those who live here, feeling connected to each other as a community, feeling engaged in shaping our future and feeling inspired to participate in social, recreational and service opportunities. 

From there, the only thing left to do is to move Clinton into our thriving future with local economic development, improved education and the modern physical and technological developments that will make Clinton an even more desirable, beautiful and wonderful place to live. 

Please explore my platform statements above to learn more about each of my campaign pillars.