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City of Clinton

It's Our City
Community ⋅ Smart Growth ⋅ Safety

I am announcing my candidacy for Mayor of the great City of Clinton.

I am a local businessman and 4th generation resident. I am rooted and vested in Clinton. I raised my family here. I was elected to represent our citizens as an Alderman from 2013-17 for Ward 4, and proudly served members of our community. I have been involved with Leadership Clinton, served on a variety of community boards, and facilitated multiple community projects.

Now, I am excited to take community leadership to the next level. As mayor, I will run things a little differently.

I believe in the power of community. I have experience building and facilitating effective teams in the private and public sectors.

I am eager to put both my community and business experience into practice to bring Clinton together, because Clinton is not just my city, it is OUR city.

The experience I have gained in the private sector as a corporate executive and as a mainstreet entrepreneur is invaluable. From IBM Service Provider to Business Development Manager for Skytel/Worldcom to local entrepreneurial pursuits in Clinton, the most important thing that I have learned is how to work with, and lead teams of talented people to do amazing things.

From my roles as a systems architect, real estate broker, and general contractor, I amassed enough capital to personally invest my time and

money locally to preserve community assets that bring people together. I have also witnessed, and been inspired by, the passion in others to invest in quality renovations and development in our city.

Just like you, family is my life. As a family we work together spiritually and in business. My wife, Kimberly, has been my personal inspiration and has also served Clinton as co-president of a CPS PTA/PTO, as Vice President of Junior Civic League, and on many community committees. Commitment to serve is our family value.

It is these collective experiences that drive my desire to serve others, and why it will be my distinct honor to serve as Clinton’s next Mayor.

I am committed to honoring the Constitution, to governing in a manner that respects and empowers involved citizens to contribute ideas, and to prospering together. It is a passion for leadership and service that will help Clinton flourish.

Clinton is a city of “doers.” With an independent and safe community we will accomplish many things. I am already taking inventory of exceptional ideas from our fellow citizens. We will thrive and do and grow together.

Please spread the word to your family and friends that Greg Cronin is running for Mayor of the City of Clinton. Chances are, they already know me.

Clinton — it’s our city.